Annabelle 2 Years Old! 1 Oct 2009

Posted: October 2, 2009 in Babies

P1010983 This is the first birthday that daddy and mummy celebrate with Belle with at least a birthday cake.

Last year, it was so happened that during Belle birthday was our Kuantan Trip with daddy’s friends. Thus, we did not celebrate it with cake and thoughtful party. Mummy felt so sad on that because during Belle’s full moon as well, we did not make a celebration party for her, then her first year old birthday too.

We had booked a birthday cake from Bee’s last week. A tuity fruity cake, miniature one. Mummy had took the cake last night earlier, but both of you slept earlier. Daddy came back late last night, brought back two transformer toys (from Uncle Ah Lun), and 3 pieces new cloths for Belle as her birthday presents.

P1010982We celebrate Belle’s day early in the morning. Blowing candles and eat the cake as our breakfast. Then, only send Issac to Tadika Brainchild and Belle to Fernie’s place.

She was so happy with her bowl and cake. She loves to eat, and eat a lot. Ever since after she started to learn hold her own folk and spoon, she does not like mummy spoon feed her already. Getting older? She knows what she wants. Belle has a character totally different with her brother, Issac. Bad temper too…But, clever too. Mummy wish is to see her keep on growing and healthy.

Baby’s Birthday

Baby might not understand what a birthday is until their second or third year, but they will certainly feel the excitement of something special happening to them if any of the following events happen:

  1. Before baby wakes, maybe even the night before, decorate baby’s room with balloons, streamers, confetti, etc.
  2. Put a present in baby’s bed so upon awakening baby can open it. If baby is too young to open it, leave a rattle or toy with bright ribbon around it.
  3. Buy a plain white sheet to be used as a birthday tablecloth. Have all the guests sign it in permanent ink. This sheet can be washed and used year after year.
  4. Have each member of the family write any events that happened during baby’s first year. Save this for baby’s scrapbook.
  5. Serve assorted baby food for dinner. Baby will laugh to see anyone eating the same thing as they are.

~ 225 Celebrations, 365 Days of Baby Love

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