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SUA June Birthday Celebration 2009

Posted: September 17, 2009 in Organizations

The sports club committee planed for the birthday boys and girls for the month of May and June together. So happened that it was fall on my birthday 26 June 2009. It was really a joyous event of the day, that i received birthday wishes on the day from all the colleagues.

Noraini and Hasni bought the birthday cake. It was a brownie cheese cake from Secret Recipes, Hasni was so clever that she bought her own favourite cake because she is birthday girl too for the month of June. Besides that, Amran and me too. Then, boss, Zairul and Judy birthdays are in May.

Due to earlier everyone of us is busy on the ongoing projects, left us not much time to gather and celebrate until on that day.

P1070092Actually, there was another event too that, Judy will leave us, she was resigned because have to take care her both sons. We are going to miss her because she is really a nice lady. She took care of boss and us. Everyday she filled up the pantry tables with all sorts of biscuits, cakes, titbits for us to eat, just in case we work late and hungry.

It was a really fun party, as the menu of the day were nasi lemak, with sambal sotong, boiled eggs, fried vegetables and rendang ayam too. The food were delicious, Noraini ordered from Section 17 Petaling Jaya near the flat areas. Everyone is enjoying the food very much. There were titbits and drinks too.

At least, it was quite a memorable one for me… yummy yummy the food…


SY2 at MY Conference This is the first time ever since I joined Prudential, the first conference that I attended.  And, it is so special that Prudential held it at two locations for the first time ever in the history as well: 3rd – 6th July 2009 at Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC) and 18th – 21st July 2009 at Four Points Sheraton Kuching.

Our group Winners Within (WIW) joined the Melaka event. Together 5 cars went down to Melaka around 4:00 pm, which are Alison’s Toyota Wish, C.K’s Toyota Unser, Jackson’s Toyota Vios, Amos’s Proton Satria and S.T’s BMW. The programme had been laid out fine to us when we reached Melaka town.

We arrive into Melaka and checked in to Mahkota Hotel. We had our dinner together with another group Sivan at a Baba & Nyonya Restaurant. After that, our next destination was Jonker Street to walkabout and shop around. Then, we came and take a drink at the famous and the one tourist would not miss sight, The Geographer. We adjourned to another Discovery Cafe. Jackson secretly organised a surprise birthday party for Stephanie, his beloved wife. Really a tired night as after that, we still go for supper near Mahkota Hotel, because some of the members wanted to try for satay colok. Amber and I stayed at same room, both us can’t stand any more. I had headache, so we slept earlier…1:30 am?

The second day 4th July 2009, the whole day programme was like rushing from one hall to another hall, just to catch up breakfast, speeches, coffee break, breakout sessions, then lunch, another breakout session, coffee break, platform speaker. I had attended Mr Yen Sze Wei for Mandarin session for the session 1, then Dr Grace Kong for English Session for session 2. Actually, I personally felt that Lt. Col. (Rtd) Izaidin is the most powerful speaker which I had earned some ideas from him. Just to summarise, the essence of the whole is ‘I believe I can do it’ and ‘To grow is to change’. The conference ended with some ‘goodies’ that Mr Lai Leong Pin gave: extended the Star Club another 3 months to end of December this year.

That night, we went for Karaoke and having buffet dinner there. I cannot recall which Karaoke but it is at the Dataran Pahlawan Melaka. Everybody is so happy and relaxed. But I do not know why I am so ‘sad’ thinking of my career in this business. Really have to put on my thinking head…

The third day, we left our hotel and went for the chicken rice ball for our lunch before we left Melaka. That’s completed our trip to Melaka.