Just Strolling Through

Posted: October 2, 2009 in Babies

P1010945 It is a great time having babies strolling together… mummy did not really going out together with both of you when you are a baby, especially Issac. However, mummy is doing it now, every Sunday, the best both Daddy and Mummy can do! Looking forward for this week again.

Just Strolling Through

When baby seems to nap often, and you feel the need for exercise and fresh air, visit park areas with paved walking and bike paths. Make sure your stroller is designed to accommodate a new born baby: it should recline, be well padded, have an awning, a safety belt, and meet all federal safety standards. Take an extra diapers and wipes, water, baby blanket, sun protection, a snack, and away you both go. If much of your day is spent alone with baby, this might be a great time to meet a friend and walk together.

Wit & Wisdom: To keep your baby wipes moist, turn them upside down once in a while so all the moisture doesn’t sit at the bottom – Alice W., San Carlos, CA

~ 210 Park and Recreation, 365 Days of Baby Love

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