Posted: June 23, 2010 in Thoughts...

P6230024Mummy just found out another place or blogging space. Mummy just created Now, Mummy got 2 blogging space, well just in case, if one got problem, then at least still have a back up.

Past few days, Mummy was busying fill in Mummy’s BlogSpot. If your dear Daddy, or Aunt Ika or Uncle Esiang forgot about Mummy’s space at MSN, at least still have this BlogSpot for both of you – Issac and Annabelle. Mummy will keep on writing.

P6230028Mummy had a very special and unforgettable during childhood time. I know I was very happy, but sometimes our memories will drift away as our age grow. Now, I can hardly remember where was the places that I went together with Mummy’s Mum ( that is your grandmother – which both of you do not have a chance to see ) and Dad, of course with your Aunt Ika and Uncle Esiang too. And, the pictures in my mind was so blur.

Mummy hope by this blog, both of you still will remember and recall whenever you see these.


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