Kids Meals 1 : Little Green Tree

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Kids Meals

P7110001 This is a meal that Mummy learning from the blogs which Mummy is followings: The Green Little Tree.

Ingredients are simple: Green spinach noodles, yellow baby corns, red Lyceum Chinese Miller and green beans. Well, everything just boiled to cook, the noodles stirred with some fried onions oils, soy sauces and sprinkle with little salt to taste.

Mummy just placed noodles on top of the plate, with some baby corns and red lyceum Chinese miller, those red and yellow colours make it looks like the trees flowers. The green colour beans as the tree trunk and the noodles bottom as the green green grass. A touch of dark red brownish colour on the green grass is the fried spring onions.

Home do not have white colour based plate, if not the dish will turn out nicer. Current using is a blue dragon painted porcelain soup plate or dish plate. Will look out for some new table wares which have characters and interesting.

Ha-ha… everyone had their small little green tree including Daddy too!


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