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Breakfast Club

Posted: October 8, 2009 in Books

image Baby loves to go out almost as much as you do. Many parks have wonderful lawn areas where you can put down a blanket and relax. But make sure they didn’t just turn off the sprinklers! On beautiful days when you can’t wait to get outside, don’t wait until lunchtime to have a picnic. Pack a continental breakfast, blanket, small underinflated beach ball, and a favourite toy and head for the park. After breakfast, play with the ball and lie on your backs staring up at the great big sky.

~ 211 Parks and Recreation, 365 Days of Baby Love


Baby’s Phrases

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Books

clip_image002Get a special, very small, blank, hard-covered book of some sort. Carry it with you so you won’t forget to write down baby’s words. Of course not every word is worthy of writing, but the word combinations that make you smile are the ones you won’t want to forget. Make sure you write some pronunciation code so you remember the the actual sound of the words as baby said them.

~ 61 Writing Exercise, 365 Days of Baby Love