New Project: Bento

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Bento

P1011045 These few days, Mummy was following some ‘new friends’ blogs on Blogger. There are some of them attracted me a lot, especially Rachel Hei’s. She was a Malaysian wife whom husband working abroad at UK, a full time homemaker. She is blogging about how she prepares for her girl’s meal in a bento way.

Hem… a good idea to pack for young children whom are picky eater. Especially Issac is one of them. So, Mummy was thinking maybe mummy should try some of it as every time reading those bento blogs, always feel kike trying it because there are so so so cute.

Ok, then gathering and surfing from internet on some bento stuffs or gadgets to start with. Hope it will be fruitful and fun…not half way stop again!

Well, the beside photo was the spaghetti which Mummy cooked some mushrooms, dried chillies, broccolis, and prawns fried with some garlic.


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