Alphabet Book : A

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Kids Homeschool

This alphabet Book idea also is a goodies that Mummy learned from the Homeschool Creation blog. It is filled with crafts that both kids make – each letter of the alphabet having it’s own craft with the words of each individual alphabet. I started this even is September of the year, even it is late but it is better start late than never. Thus, we started our first week with the letter ‘Aa’.

P8230122 Materials:

  • Red construction paper apple
  • White rectangle piece of construction paper
  • Black inkpad
  • Green construction paper leaves

P8230123 To Make:

1. Cut out the apple if they are able to use scissors {we cut them out ahead of time due to limited time}.
2. Let the kids scrip the apple in half, horizontally.
3. Rip the white piece of paper on both sides, so the apple ‘core’ appears to be eaten.
4. Have the kids stamp their fingerprint on the white ‘core’ of the apple to make seeds. In this art, we have replaced the fingerprints portion with a black ink pen, as we do not have the inkpad. The kids just do their own scribbles on the ‘core’.

Annabelle just griped the pen and scribbled on top of the construction paper freely.

When I asked them, “ Who ate the apple?"

Issac answered, “ Hmm…Mummy…the ants ate the apple…I draw ants here, ok?” I was so shocked that he was answering that way. What a co-incident, this week we are learning about the letter ‘Aa’ and the ‘ant’ is start with letter A. Sometimes, Mummy feels that, such little little moments and touch seconds are the treats or the rewards or the satisfactions that being a Mum are enjoying and the fulfilments that we desired…



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