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P7180058 Today is Sunday. Another working day for Daddy, so only three of us at home. After the morning baths, we are having Dim Sum as our breakfast together with Daddy before Daddy went to work.

Mummy wants to try something on using white bread as a base. Because I know that both Issac and Belle like to eat bread with kaya spread.

So, a simple 2 slices of white bread with kaya spread. Triangle shape of cheese on top, the holes is made out from the animals cutters. The little mice is actually a hard boiled egg, with the 2 slices of sausages as it’s ears, seaweed as its eyes, carrots as moustache, and cheese as its small mouth and tails. Ha-ha, well, first time doing, so not so nice especially the eyes.

Issac waited so excitedly and anxiously because wants to eat the mice. He ate roughly half an egg, eventually told me that he do not want already because the egg yolk. Then, he finished up the bread. Belle the same as well.

Emm… quite difficult to get them eat another little mice or little chicken already next time, have to think of something else. But, probably next time, can improve my skills again. At least, the children eat!


P7170053 P7170055 Today after the Family Fun Day came back from school, both kids were tired very soon after they had taken their bath, they soon slept on the bed already.

I quickly took my opportunities sneak out to Giant and Mydin find my bento box for the kids.

Giant do not have much choice except a lot food containers. There were a few choices at Mydin, which I have chosen 2 types of bento boxes which 2 each for the kids.

Well, it is not actually like the Japanese Bento Box, but it is quite cheap as the boxes are big enough at RM3.90 only.

P7170054 Mummy is going to prepare my very first bento for Issac and Belle ( Ha-ha…if the outcome can consider a bento at all ). This is my first time, so wanted to do something simple and I don’t think I can do anything complicated yet as it would be our lunch box at home, but something can filled the stomach full as this would be our late lunch.

P7170052So ok, cooked some rice, try out the Japanese vinegar which Mummy bought at Jaya Grocery the other day, with the sushi roll mould and seaweed. For the rice, Mummy mixed some hard boiled egg yolk inside to make the rice a bit yellowish in colour. Then, with 2 stripes of seaweed. The bigger rolls for Issac and smaller rolls for Belle, small rolls with the seaweeds.

P7170057 Mummy fried the sliced pork with some seasoning and oyster sauce and boiled the broccoli and carrot. Mummy used the cutters to cut out into heart shape and flower shape. All put into a silicone portion cup. With small tomatoes with the colour vegetables picks bought last week too. The bento is not full, hope the colourful combinations will attract the kids to eat well.

So here it goes, my first bento for Issac and Bell. Nothing fancy, and nothing cute, but this is all Mummy can do with limited skills and tools.

And Mummy was so happy this evening when seeing both Issac and Belle ate their rice. Issac loves the seaweeds but Belle doesn’t, but both ate a little beat of pork, carrot and broccoli. They do not like the mini tomatoes at all… Hopefully the next Bento they will eat more.

P7110001 This is a meal that Mummy learning from the blogs which Mummy is followings: The Green Little Tree.

Ingredients are simple: Green spinach noodles, yellow baby corns, red Lyceum Chinese Miller and green beans. Well, everything just boiled to cook, the noodles stirred with some fried onions oils, soy sauces and sprinkle with little salt to taste.

Mummy just placed noodles on top of the plate, with some baby corns and red lyceum Chinese miller, those red and yellow colours make it looks like the trees flowers. The green colour beans as the tree trunk and the noodles bottom as the green green grass. A touch of dark red brownish colour on the green grass is the fried spring onions.

Home do not have white colour based plate, if not the dish will turn out nicer. Current using is a blue dragon painted porcelain soup plate or dish plate. Will look out for some new table wares which have characters and interesting.

Ha-ha… everyone had their small little green tree including Daddy too!