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Hello world!

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Issac’s Gym Class

Posted: October 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

IMG_1880 The first thing which attracted Mummy’s eyes was Brainchild have an individual Gym Room and a small little Swimming Pool. Because it is seldom that a Kindergarten had their own infrastructure like a proper school, besides that had children playground, own classrooms, etc.

Brainchild’s Gym Room have a wall full of mirror and floor is parquet, so the children if fall down would not be so pain. There are some colourful rubber cushions too. Issac enjoyed the facilities very much. I guess it is because due to all these facilities that attracts him, before that at Fernie’s place not much space to run about I guess.

So now, if Mummy asks Issac: “Issac likes your school? You still want to go back to Auntie Fernie there or not?” He will right away answer me that, “I like school very much, I don’t want go back to Auntie Fernie there again. Can see it clearly in his eyes that he is very happy what he is having and enjoying his current school life now.

Obstacle Course

Everyone loves running around, crawling through tunnels, bouncing balls, and jumping up and down. Make simple obstacle courses for the children to go through, like running to the tree, then hopping to the rock, crawling to the flower, then clapping two times. After all the children have done one obstacle course a few times, change it around and do it again. Children will giggle as they watch each other running about. Try doing the course playing follow-the-leader with the leader making up what comes next.

~ 333 Baby-sitting and Playgroups, 365 Days of Baby Love