a is for apple

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Kids Homeschool

This is another goodies which go along with the uppercase letter ‘A’ we have done previously, Both kids were so surprised and happy on the outcome of the little artwork. The apple looks so real!

P9050129What Materials Need:

  • red, white, green and brown foam sheets or construction paper
  • an apple
  • glue & tape
  • pencil
  • scissors

P9050130 How to Make the ‘a’ for apple:

  1. Cut out a lowercase ‘a’ from a piece of red foam sheet. This letter was cut from a piece of foam that was about 2” x 4” ~ small, but oh so cute! I used red construction paper for that.
  2. Cut out a small oval/circle from the white foam that will fit behind the inside of the letter ‘a’ to use as the inside of the apple. Due to more economical, Mummy change it to white plain paper.
  3. From the brown foam sheet, cut out a stem and five small apple seeds. I cut it from a black colour construction paper for that.
  4. From the green foam sheet, cut out a leaf for your apple. Using a green colour paper.
  5. Glue or tape the white circle to the back of your lowercase ‘a’ so that it shows through the centre.
  6. Count out the seeds with your little one and glue them into the centre to form the star at the centre of the apple.
  7. Glue or tape the stem and apple to the back of the letter ‘a’.

Resource: http://totallytots.blogspot.com


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