Kids Meals 3 : Little Mice with Cheese Bread

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Kids Meals

P7180058 Today is Sunday. Another working day for Daddy, so only three of us at home. After the morning baths, we are having Dim Sum as our breakfast together with Daddy before Daddy went to work.

Mummy wants to try something on using white bread as a base. Because I know that both Issac and Belle like to eat bread with kaya spread.

So, a simple 2 slices of white bread with kaya spread. Triangle shape of cheese on top, the holes is made out from the animals cutters. The little mice is actually a hard boiled egg, with the 2 slices of sausages as it’s ears, seaweed as its eyes, carrots as moustache, and cheese as its small mouth and tails. Ha-ha, well, first time doing, so not so nice especially the eyes.

Issac waited so excitedly and anxiously because wants to eat the mice. He ate roughly half an egg, eventually told me that he do not want already because the egg yolk. Then, he finished up the bread. Belle the same as well.

Emm… quite difficult to get them eat another little mice or little chicken already next time, have to think of something else. But, probably next time, can improve my skills again. At least, the children eat!


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