Babies’ New Crocs

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Babies

Today we waked up around 8.00am, took our early bath, then we drove out and had our breakfast. We had our Dim Sum breakfast at SS15, Subang Jaya. Issac and Belle had their half bowl of pork porridge with century eggs (皮蛋瘦肉粥) as their breakfast, whereby Daddy and I had some Roast Pork Bun (义燒包), Shrimp Dumpling (蝦餃), Pork Dumpling  (燒賣), Steamed Pork Rib (蒸排骨), Shanghai Steamed Bun (上海小籠包), etc. Then, babies had their Milo Ice and adults had our Teh C Ice. We had a great meal.

Then, we went to the new shopping centre near Subang Parade – The Empire Shopping Gallery. Well, it is not a big shopping, but nice to walkabout. You would not feel tire, it is just nice.

P7040050 Daddy had found a Crocs Shoe Shop, and bought both the babies, their first Crocs Clogs.

Issac’s is a Toy Story Kids’ Custom Clog in green colour base and with the blue colour band with the Toy Story wordings on it. The Left clog is with Woody on it and the right clog is with Buzz Lightyear on it. The background is some others cartoon characters such as Mr & Mrs Potatoes, Pig, etc engraved in the same green colour.

P7040047 Belle’s is a Hello Kitty Kids’ Custom Clog which is combination of light and dark pink colour. The Left is the small bunny with some flowers, fence on the green grasses, whereby the right clog is the Hello Kitty sitting on the green grasses.

Mummy and Daddy knew that Crocs is a famous brand, but we did not expect that the price would be so expensive, as both pairs of kid’s shoes costs around RM258.00. Woah! but it is really a pair of good looking shoes. Mummy really likes it, both pairs was so cute and adorable. Just hope that the shoes would not be missing when both wear to school…


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