W2W Talk: Hui Sing

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Thoughts...

Nowadays, seeing Hui Sing on Face book is very happy and delighted thing because it seems like she is very enjoying her life as an home maker and at the same time take care of her baby girl. So, drop her a mail seeking her advice like that if I would like to quit my current job, and join as a full time home maker or probably some other part time job…actually i would like to do my Pru Biz… if I am able to. My 2nd Quarter target have not reach yet, and I do not want to loose my licence. Emm… Sometimes when think of it, is very stressful thing…

q1701950220_9898 04 June at 15:56

woman, how u spend ur daily life as a home maker and mother ler? can roughly share with me your routine chores? Thinking of quitting my job and become a house wife la.
Working sometimes is tiring and stressful. Rushing between home and work and kids. can share with me your daily life?

23140_541877635_7149_q 04 June at 16:36

to b honest, sometimes i miss my working life. at least when I’m working, those time is really mine. when u accomplish some tasks, those satisfaction level is different. staying at home actually stress me up most of the time. 1st of all, i don’t have my own income, and my husband not giving me fix or monthly pocket money, i don’t have freedom when i wan to buy things. 2nd, staying at home really makes me feel really low self esteem, ppl will not really appreciate what u’ve sacrifice and do, they will think it’s what u "suppose to do", not mentioning tons of housework repeatedly same everyday, which makes me sick of it. 3rdly, my circle of frens really become very very small. i hardly have any fren to talk to, that’s why i hook up to fb very long hrs, just wan to get myself updated. nowadays i quit laundry, since my hb willing to pay for dobby fees, instead of giving me that part of $, i quit doing it. since he willing to pay to tabao food, i don’t really cook oso nowadays.
anyway, that’s how i feel lor.. probably i step into full time mom’s life too soon b4 i fully prepared. so u really have to mentally prepared first b4 u making that decision.
I’m not the type who has a fix schedule on doing things lar.. basically doing some housework, taking care of my girl, doing some online biz, do some craftwork.. like that lor.

q1701950220_9898 06 June at 14:28

Cheer up my dear fren. i always thinks that u r the best mum for your sweet little girl, can c it during the photos that u posted on fb. She learns things very fast.
Actually i think it is the same thing i feel all these while, that as a woman, it is what " u supposed to do" lor, even though rushing back from work, have to do the laundry, kids simple meals, bathing them, washing dishes, after when I’m bathing time will be around 10.00pm oredi. Time to let the kids sleep. It is really different between having kids and no kids life. Other than that, most of the time, my hubby is not at the house. Yet, he is very hygiene type of person, sometimes he come back will complaint say this not clean and that not clean enough…made me so frustrated. He din give me any monthly expanses and yet likes to complaint. Of course, all the household things, milks, pampers, instalments, day-care he pay la, I pay on our insurance, elec and astro bills, daily ‘market money’ for meals. Also, it seems like not much left in the pocket. Kids sometimes will sick, then my extra money gone…Last time, I used to ta bao too, but evertime when bringing the kids back to In Laws house at Kuching, u know la, she will start asking what are their grandchildren having everyday, etc. Then, I will start to feel guilty as both of my kids actually are smaller size compared to their actual age. Well, try to cook some soup and at least 2 times a week, at least they tasted mummy’s home cook. But, by looking at your photos, you are better cook than I do. Hahaha…
Probably the thinking of being full time house wife just ‘pop out’ in my mind, thinking of really tired of being employed and the salary is not increase and more responsibilities. Most of the time is fire fighting. Really mentally tiring apart from my ‘duty as a mother’. Really no time for myself lor. No more private time, sometimes just scribble something on my own blog, and that’s it, consider yes la.. Probably doing part time job is ok. Anyway have to earn my pocket money.Really don’t know… and this ideas had been stuck in my head for pass 6 months oredi. Just really have not decide anything yet, as I have current commitment to fulfil (my insurance, etc, …)
How’s your online biz, is it the handmade soap thing? U workout together with your frenz? At least, this is something u like rite?
Cheer up ya! And keep up the good work! Woman and great Mum!

q1701950220_9898 06 June at 17:28

U know what? This made me realize that every woman got their story and problems too… dealing with husband, kids, in-laws, siblings, etc. Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to advise as v all r not n their shoes. What v can do is support our dear frenz whenever they need it. Probably I would like to start with something small, and need to plan it out 1st. Thanks for your sharing and happy always and enjoy your life ya…

I guess every woman has their own story and own problems. So, in my case really have to keep it up and think of something out of it. Starting a small biz and at the same time doing my Pru Biz? With a little bit help from my dad? 1st thing 1st is what should I invest into? A little one will do…

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