Belle Fall Sick…Coxsackie Virus

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Babies

P5310013 Belle fall sick again…this time downed with Coxsackie Virus – another word of Hand, Foot and Mouth (HFM) Disease. Last Thursday, 28 May 2010, the day before Wesak Day, Mummy had brought Annabelle to Dr. Liew’s Clinic due to she already had fever for 3 days. Before that, mummy had brought her to Dr. Choy, still the fever wouldn’t come down even had the medication. On Saturday, 30 May 2010 itself, she started hasn’t eaten and keep on grumbling.

This morning, went to Dr. Liew again, confirmed that Belle got the HFM. According to him, there is a lot of blisters in her mouth, her gums also becomes reddish and easily bleeding, smelly already. Dr. Liew gave Belle an Antibiotic and the Cataflam 1,5% to relief her soreness, and advised that Belle stay at home for 5 days at least to reduce the viral transmissions to other kids. So, Mummy has to take leave for 1 week to take care of her.

P5310012 Mummy purposely sneak out to Guardian while Belle was taking her nap to buy the Vidaylin Minibears Gummies with Garden Vegetables and Glocolin, cost Mummy around RM60.00, and not forgetting the Consultation Fee is RM130.00.

Today, Belle had half a bowl of Bakuteh which Mummy cooked, a lot of Ribena and Vidaylin Minibears Gummies. The one which made me most happy is she is taking solid food – fried rice, even 3 tablespoon but is enough for me already. Hope she will recover soon…

While Mummy fetched Issac, mummy keep on remind him regular washing his hands to prevent he is the next one whom get infected. But, I think most of all: I am the one who should practice the strict hygienic precautions such as hand washing after every diaper changing or touching infected skin. Attempts to regularly clean items that children contact, especially toys, pacifiers, and any items they may place in their mouths, may also reduce viral transmission.

Really have to learn how to become a MOTHER…

What Is a Mother?

A mother is not replaceable in a child’s heart. If you are holding this book in hand, there is a child in your life that you are mothering in some way. Have you ever taken the time to think about what an amazing job it is to be a mother? What is a mother to you? What did you receive from your mother that you want to pass on to your children? What did you wish you received? What are you dreams as a mother? Who are you to your child? Take 15 minutes to think and write about what it means to be mother.

~ 251  Mother’s Time, 365 Days of Baby Love

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