Mummy’s Olympus FE-4030

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Thoughts...

Mummy initially wants to bring Issac and Annabelle to National Science Centre, unfortunately both of you sick. Issac is still ok, but Mummy suspected Belle not well yet. Tomorrow Mummy will have to bring Belle to consult Dr. Liew again.

frontInitially want to have Mummy’s Olympus FE-4030 do an ‘opening ceremony’ today at the National Science Centre. This camera is a trade-in offer for Mummy’s previous Olympus MJU-700 series – the existing LCD screen spoilt, needed RM306 for change, instead Mummy change for new about RM480 + 4GB SD card RM40. It comes in 4 colours: Grey, Pink, Blue and White. The available colours only Grey which is the one Mummy had, Pink and Blue which both colours aren’t Mummy favourite colours. Mummy bought it last week.

All these latest camera series do not have all weather proof feature, but the water proof and sock proof version of cameras are in another series – U tough.

Mummy is thinking of having a simple operated camera for writing blogs and take babies pictures only, thus this simple should be enough. After all, Mummy would not be using the camera during outdoor raining days, and most of all, Mummy will not going for overseas, mostly four seasons countries for time being, no need to hunt for an advance featured camera.

Here is Mummy’s new toy… and bringing together is new experiences and blogs…

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