Facebook Symptoms

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Computers and Internet

Facebook really change a lot of people living styles. Ever since the Facebook appeared, one can find back their old schoolmates, old buddies, old neighbours from this ever fast growing social cyber community. That are the advantages. The disadvantages is that the games can really made one addicted to it, and made you have to be online everyday or even every minutes and all the time. Now, it is more easier that one can online through one own hand phone. The technology really change our life and living substantially

I think I am consider myself an “Addicted One” too. But sometimes, my good brother Esiang did reminds me that, do not attached to the Facebook so much. Actually from all the friends’ Facebook pages, I like his the most. Sometimes, he will post something or ideas that can give you a ‘spark’ when you think whatever he posted on his Facebook. The followings are some of it:

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