1st Canon 500D Family Photo

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Babies

IMG_0845 Ever since Daddy bought the new Canon 500D, he likes to carry his new ‘pet’ to snap his photo. And, this is the first time he used his ‘new tripod’ to snap official family photo,as previously he just took our photos only. Ok, official launching and opening!

Family Journal

Find a place to put a large blank book so family members know where it is and will be encouraged to write regularly. This blank book can be used as a daily diary or as a special events book. Children too young to write can dictate stories and draw handprints. Those too young to talk can be represented by weekly pictures with descriptions of new things they can do. The book can contain all aspects of family life. Visitors can write their names and a little about their visits, children can write their Christmas or birthday wish lists, baby’s first words can be recorded, pictures drawn at school can be glued in. We guarantee this book will be a sought-after treasure in years to come.

~ 237 Family Growth, 365 Days of Baby Love

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