KL Butterfly Park 27 Nov 2009

Posted: November 27, 2009 in Travel

IMG_0841This is too an unexpected trip, as today is the Hari Raya Haji national holiday which so-coincidently fall on Friday, and forms a long weekends to all of us. Last 2 weeks Daddy and Mummy were talking about wanted to go to Malacca for the holidays, and can visit the Mini Zoo, Reptiles Farm, and Mini Malaysia, etc.

Eventually, Mummy was too tired on the office works last 2 weeks and forget to book the hotel. Yesterday night, when Mummy called all the budget hotels in Malacca, there were no more available rooms as all had been fully booked, due to the festive season. 15 minutes later, your Daddy called Mummy and mentioned that he could not make it to Malacca because Saturday have to work. Thus, we got to ‘Cuti-Cuti Kuala Lumpur’ or ‘Cuti-Cuti Selangor’.

IMG_0749 We waked up, take bath and departed around 10:00am. We had been searching the Butterfly Park. it is only a stone’s throw from the Bird Park is the colourful and beautifully landscaped Butterfly Park where over 6,000 butterflies from 120 species roam and fly freely in a simulated natural rainforest environment. The fees is RM8.00 for adult and RM4.00 for children. Bringing camera in will charge for RM1.00.

Here we can learn about the life cycle and mating habit of the butterflies.  The park is an imitation of the butterfly’s natural habitat. It includes more than 15,000 plants from 100 species that has been painstakingly landscaped to resemble a Malaysian rainforest atmosphere. Comprising the beautiful landscape are flower and fruit plants and some rare herbs essential in the diet and pollinating activities of the butterflies.

IMG_0746 Once we entered the space, we were so excited seeing so many butterflies flying around you. There are many types of butterflies, Rajah Brooke, etc. There is one, which the outer wing looks like a dried leaf, but in the inner wing it looks vice-versa, marvellous beautiful. When you sees this, you will be praising about how the God created this world.

Contributing to the Butterfly Park’s beautiful landscape is a uniquely designed hydro-pond built with a limestone path right in the centre. Surrounding this hydro-pond is a gazebo, commanding a breathtaking view. It is a cosy place. Just like in the natural environments.

Underneath one of the Japanese bamboo bridge, there are an area where have the displays of various of turtles and lizards and frogs which habited in Malaysia. We saw a few that caught our eyes, such as long neck turtle, alligator turtle, Asiatic soft-shell turtle, and the big Malaysian Jungle Frog.

IMG_0830 There is a nursery and breeding area for the butterflies. The park includes both preserved and live specimens, totalling 1,230 species in all.  It is a live education centre which tell us the life cycle of the butterflies from egg, larva, pupa and adult. The facilities include an informative insect museum to enhance your knowledge about these creepy-crawlers. There are beetles, moths, frogs, mantis, katydid, walking sticks insert, tarantula, millipede, etc. The preserved specimen looks amazing.

We had visited also a souvenir shop near the exit selling lots of local handicrafts and framed butterflies and beetles. Daddy had bought each of us, one nice shirt and some butterflies magnet.

We really enjoy a glimpse of butterflies at this unique park! We just spend 1 hour and 30 minutes here, but really enjoying.

Source from www.virtualmalaysia.com & www.cuti.com.my

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