A Day Out at Putrajaya 22 Nov 2009

Posted: November 22, 2009 in Travel

It is a Sunday and actually Mummy ran out of ideas where should we go, then the word ‘Putrajaya’ strike Mummy’s mind. Then, here we go. We reached the famous Dataran Putra. The kids were so happy and kept on raining up and down all over the square. Daddy was so happy and keep on using his new Canon DSLR camera shooting both children.IMG_0688

The Dataran Putra or the Putra Square is designed to be the nation’s leading centre for staging national events and formal parades.

Located at Precinct 1, Dataran Putra comprises an outer 11-pointed star, which represents the 11 states when Malaysia gained independence, followed by an inner 13-pointed star representing the subsequent 13 states of Malaysia, and an inner-most 14-pointed star that represents the 13 states as well as the Federal Territory.

As the venue for major events, the Dataran is one of the most attractive landmarks in Putrajaya. Its design incorporates local motifs and cultural values. The circular shape of the Dataran does not only determine the termination of the Boulevard but also acts as a hinge linking the Boulevard axis towards the Mercu Tanda. Indeed, it is the main access to the Prime Minister’s Office complex, Perdana Walk, Putra Mosque, Putra Bridge and the Promenade.

We were walking down to the lower ground of the place, there is a playground there. We had our snacks there while Issac and Annabelle were playing at the playground. The playground itself is a ship like look. It is not really a whole day, but probably 2 hours just before we noticed the sky started to turn dark and it seems like heavy rain coming. And yes, it did.

Source from www.virtualmalaysia.com & www.cuti.com.my

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