Tadika Brainchild Parents Teachers Meeting 20 Nov 2009

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Babies

Today is the day to meet up with the teachers and discuss Issac’s academic and non-academic progress. Teacher Joyce had given a time slot of 15 minutes and ours was at 9:30am. Due to Daddy had a early site meeting that need to be attended, thus we went to Brainchild earlier, just in case if can slot in earlier time slot, if some of the parents cannot attend earlier. And, Daddy and Mummy were so lucky. We managed to squeeze at time 8:45am because one of the parents late.

P1011107We were discussing with Teacher Joyce about Issac’s progress. All of us including Teacher Joyce are agreed and happy seeing Issac’s development either in academic and non-academic. Because both Daddy and Mummy can see the progress of Issac. Issac has improve a lot, from his conduct, health, moral development, music and movement arts & craft, numerical development, phonological awareness, emotional development, physical development and personal social development, etc. Mummy can see the tears in Teacher Joyce’s eyes. It’s the joyous tears. During Mummy told Teacher Joyce that Mummy was so happy when got to know Issac had the Best Improvement Award in his class. Mummy’s tears burst out. Teacher Joyce was teasing Mummy do not make her cry too.

When we were talking about Issac’s character, Daddy did mention that Issac is the kind of boy that introvert. Teacher Joyce advised that not to scold him or beat him when he is doing something wrong, but to encourage him. This will built his confidence level. She also advised that have to talk to him slowly and softly, so that he will tell anything that he is not happy and keep inside his heart. And, will make his imbalance of his emotion. Issac is still young now, so it is still ok that to mould him still. We thanked Teacher Joyce for her guidance, and thanked to Patrick and Theresa too.

We had gifted 2 T-Shirts for Issac and Annabelle from the Mamil Gold promotion team which stationed at the front gate. What a Day!

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