Issac, A Happy Helper

Posted: November 18, 2009 in Babies

P1011068P1011067Seeing our own children growing every moment, everyday is really a big satisfaction. Especially, when he or she starts getting to know bit by bit, the things around him or her. Teacher Ho ever told Mummy that, Issac is a helping boy.

At home, he started to help Mummy doing some of the small chores already. Now, after having dinner, Mummy will give both Belle and Issac own drinking cup of water. While Mummy is doing the dish washing at the kitchen, after he had his drinks, he will helping Mummy watch out for Belle, because most of the time, Belle will pouring the water from her cup to the floor. The big brother will get the floor mat to dry up the wet area. Mummy was so amazed by seeing him doing that.

A big brother take cares of his little sister…

Happy HelperP1011066

P1011069Baby loves to help around the house, and jobs that involve water are a big hit. Pour two tablespoons white vinegar into a small spray bottle and fill it with water. Show baby how to spray the window, then polish it with a paper towel. When you finish the windows, how about the floor? Put about four inches of warm soapy water into a cleaning bucket ( one or two drops of mild liquid dish soap will do ). Put two sponges in the bucket and work together on a small area. Show baby how to squeeze the extra water out of the sponge before putting it on the floor. Baby may or may not care whether the floor resembles a large puddle, but he will derive great satisfaction from working with you.

~ 206 Water Play, 365 Days of Baby Love

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