National Science Centre Bukit Kiara 15 Nov 2009

Posted: November 15, 2009 in Travel

This morning we went out around 10:00am, and had our breakfast at KFC section 14, Petaling Jaya. It is on our way to the National Science Centre at Bukit Kiara. The entrance is free due to most of the exhibits is under renovation. It was really disappointed when we got to know that.

Located in a harmonious and attractive environment, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, this new national landmark has a unique architecture that resembles a truncated cone capped by a geodesic dome. The National Science Centre, an institution of informal learning, was entrusted with the mandate to promote awareness, appreciation, interest and understanding of Science and Technology.

The Centre houses many different exhibits designed to stimulate, excite and encourage visitors to take an active interest in Science and Technology. The exhibits located in various galleries are based on different themes, which can be categorised into two groups, ‘Basics Sciences’ and ‘Technology’. The overall concept of the Centre is to link science to environment and religion, as well as to relate science with all aspects of life, knowledge and applications in our daily life.

We did not choose this location earlier on due to Mummy found that this place is more suitable for primary school kids, because at this point of time. Issac and Annabelle would not know what is science all about. But, there is a science education park which consist of nature centre, rabbit alley, bird aviary, aquatic house, herbal garden, mushroom house, organic garden, hydroponic house and livestock farm. Whereby this portion of the centre is outdoor and more on natural environment. Unfortunately, the education centre did not open due to under renovation.

Another galleries inclusive of aquarium, environmental odyssey, pathway to science, pathway to discovery, children education centre, thinking machine, future world, technical, digital lifestyle and inventors corner, etc.

IMG_0634 Aquarium

We had an experience an underwater walk-thru and discover a variety of tropical and fresh water fish. By the time we arrive there, it is the feeding time for the fish.

IMG_0648 Environmental Odyssey

Appreciate the importance and the necessity to maintain a delicate balance between man and his environment and see the challenges of a modern world.

Pathways to Science

Explore and understand the basic principles of science and take a journey through the macro and micro world of biology, physics, chemistry and astronomy. And the displays of gadgets that let the visitors get to know a simple science principles.

IMG_0656Children’s Educational Centre

An exploration centre emphasises on stimulating imagination. Children explore the universe in the "space lab" or the depth of the ocean to expand their creativity. And, many more…

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