Tadika Brainchild Concert & Graduation Day 14 Nov 2009

Posted: November 14, 2009 in Babies

IMG_0582Issac’s school concert cum graduation day had been actually given us notice on August itself earlier on. Concert fee of RM120.00 including the performance costumes and 4 tickets to the concert. The costumes will be returned to the students after the concert event. It will be video taped and given to the students. The occasion was held at SJK (C) Chee Wen, USJ1 which nearby our house. Earlier on the Mid Autumn Festival, Issac had his rehearsal practise at the school auditorium hall already. Today is the day, time is 10:00am to 12:30pm.

IMG_0587Issac’s cat dance costumes had been distributed on last Thursday, together with some make-up instruction and guidelines for the day. We had our breakfast just opposite the primary school – roti canai and teh tarik. 9:00am we went to the school. Issac was dressed in his cat costumes in the house after his morning bath. Teacher Ho and Teacher Christie brought him to his dancing friends for make-up. You looked so cute with that make-up, looked like little kitty.

IMG_0626Daddy, Annabelle and Mummy went into the hall and waited for the programme to start. Started sharp at 10:00am marching in of the graduates, national anthem, and all Year 6 presentation, certificate presentation, follow by the speech by chairman. 10:35am was the children presentation whereby Issac was awarded the Best Improvement in his 4 Joyful 1 class among all his classmates. Mummy was glad. Mummy do not want you to get all the best in academic or anything, as long as you improve day after day, Mummy is happy.

Your Cat Dance programme was started at 11:10am. We all were so excited want to see you on stage and dancing. But, suddenly, you were started to cry, keep on rubbing your eye lashes. Daddy and Mummy were wondering why? Mummy was thinking that probably you were hungry? want to go to toilet? Then, you were starting crying. You were almost distract the whole dance and teacher have to take you out of the dance.

Daddy and Mummy together with Annabelle leaving our seats and rushing to the back stage to see what happened. Mummy just heard your crying sounds so loud. And, all your make up on the face was gone, melting. We just took you out of the room. Daddy keep on told you that, “ We are going home, have your milk and take bath, then Issac took a nap ya,”

All the journey home in the car, even though it was a short distance, you were silence. After reached home, you taken your bath, having your milk, then you looked alright. But, still do not want to tell us anything.

Hoping someday when you read this, you will still remember and tell Mummy why?

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