Issac’s Birthday 12 Nov 2009

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Babies

IMG_0543 Today is Issac’s birthday. Daddy had placed an order for a big 1.5Kg Stitch blueberry cake a few days before. He bought some goodies for the birthday party bag that will be gifted to the children at Year 4. Total is 23 children all together. At the morning, we sent Issac to Tadika first, then had our breakfast together with Annabelle at Taipan. Afterwards, we took the cake from Bee’s Cafe.

Around 9.30am, we were there. All the children were outside, practise for the Concert and Graduation Day for this coming Saturday, including Issac too. He will be participating in Cat Dance. The cake was put on an individual table. Annabelle was so excited too, seeing all the big sisters and brothers. She wanted to sit beside Issac, not long enough then she cried because she was pushing around by the elderly children. Issac blew the candles, and cut the cake. Uncle Patrick did help us to snap a photograph of four of us. All the teachers were saying the cake is nice and beautiful. Issac had two pieces. He loves blueberry cake!

Actually, this is the first time that both Daddy and Mummy do these kind of fun things. It is quite tiring week for Daddy and Mummy due to our office works. Anyhow, manage to make it. Eventually, Mummy learned more about this goodies bag thing, should buy it at 7-Eleven or Toys’ Us shop, instead of Mydin… And, it is only a few titbits that Daddy bought, looks little only.

What a laugh… Well, next year will be more experience I guess.

Birthday Theme Ideas

Babies that are age one and two will enjoy having a party with other children, as long as no one plays with their toys, and you have a parent attending for each child. It can be fun to have a theme party, which means all the games, decorations, food, etc., follow the same idea. Here are a few baby themes:

Trains, Trucks, Buses, or Planes: Decorations could be toys or tucks. Have everyone make a shoebox train and pull it around. Babies could get conductor hats as party favours, and the cake could represent a wheel.

Balls: All the games could have to do with balls. For an invitation, write the party information on a small rubber ball and give it to the child.

Dolls: Decorate in tea party fashion and have each child bring a doll. Serve small sandwiches the dolls can share and tea served in tiny cups. Give a piece of doll clothing as a party favour. Make a cake using a rounded jelly mould, then stick an old Barbie in it. Then, decorate the cake like a skirt.

Blocks: Have games based around building with blocks. Use big cardboard blocks and boxes to make an obstacle course or fort for babies to play in. Even the cake can be cut, stacked, and iced to look like blocks.

~ 226 Celebrations, 365 Days of Baby Love

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