Question to be Answered

Posted: November 10, 2009 in Thoughts...

Yet, another day of busyness and restless… Received call from Boss about the evening time, mentioning on some work issues: others departments complaining me that not efficient enough to finalise the contractors for the project to kick off, I am to absorb everything to myself and did not share the workload out, bullied by the contractors, not a good negotiator, etc. I am just listening, listening and listening. This really made me wonder, am I really not that competent enough? Is it time for me to something else? something new? something different? I though during Ham was here like that, but when he is gone also like that. Actually, I did not expect much when Ham was leaving the company, all the paper works was done by myself all this while. Comments like that made me feel like am I not that ‘worth’? Or overpaying? Here comes the question again: do I need to leave for something new? for both win-win situation?Hmmm…

No Time for Problems

Parents are usually too busy to solve problems, they just live through them! Pick a problem in your life. Be brave and take a minute to write down the problem in the middle of a blank sheet of paper. Brainstorm every solution you can think of. Don’t let your solutions be judged by whether or not they seem possible at this time. Your brainstorming solutions are like seeds planted in a field – one will take root over time and begin to grow. Feeling and expressing the problem will make you feel better, even if no immediate solution is at hand.

~ 59, Writing Exercise, 365 Days of Baby Love

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