Aquaria KLCC 8 Nov 2009

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Travel

IMG_0476We were so excited today, as we go to Aquaria KLCC today. Daddy drive our car to the nearby Putra LRT station at Amcorp Mall, Taman Jaya station. From there, we travel through the LRT to KLCC station. Once we stepped in the station, Issac and Annabelle were so excited.

Once we stepped our feet to KLCC Suria Shopping Centre, the aroma of the Rotiboy Mexican Bun was strike our mind and stomach that we have not eat our breakfast yet. Daddy had bought the Mexican Bun and we came across the Auntie’s Anne. We had our breakfast there, sitting down at the table and watching the shopping centre came alive, so many peoples, tourists walking and passed by. Then we walked towards the entrance to Aquaria through the Lower Ground of KLCC Suria to the Kuala Lumpur Conventional Centre Car Park.

This “ ocean of discovery ” is unveiled at the Aquaria KLCC right in the heart of the city. It is the first commercial aquarium in the Federal capital and a wonderful place to spend the school holidays with the family.

IMG_0488It’s a RM60 million aquarium featuring some 5,000 aquatic and marine animal exhibits of over 150 different species from Malaysia and around the world – some caught, some sourced and some given. Boasting of an area spanning two levels and covering over 5,500 sq m, making it the largest in the world, the Aquaria has 19 tanks with various environments to keep and display fishes from various parts of the world.

The concept of the aquaria water divided into the highland, the jewels of jungle, flooded forest, coastal, living reef, and lastly living ocean. Themed around two of the world ’ s major rainforests – Malaysia and the Amazon – Aquaria KLCC exhibits terrestrial, fresh water and marine creatures and it is also the first in Southeast Asia to exhibit the rare Sand Tiger Sharks from South Africa. The aquarium is also home to monkey-eating catfish from Endau Rompin, sharks from Singapore and the endangered fresh water tortoise called “ Chitra-chitra ” which were saved from the cooking pot.

IMG_0467 The Highland

A waterfall is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a body of water flows from high ground to a lower expanse.

The Jewels of Jungles

Here, the hidden micro world of the rainforest is unearthed. Witness small jungle creatures through micro theatre window displays. Try to find camouflaged Leaf Frogs in their habitat, while Poison Dart Frogs watch your every move at this exhibit! Feel the shivers up your spine as you witness Malaysian tarantulas crawling in their glass tanks and a huge green snake languidly draping itself on a branch.

IMG_0480 Flooded Forest

Explore the lost river & discover giant catfish as they swim through the Malaysian Rainforest, before being greeted by 2 gigantic Arapaimas from the flooded forest.


Here is where the land meets the sea. From mangroves to coastlines, get a chance to examine baby sharks & even stingrays as they glide across the sandy bottom of the Touch Pool.

The Living Reef

Similar to a mini coral reef, man-made concrete reef balls can be found here,forming the base for the mounds of multi-coloured hard corals. A colourful symbiotic living environment is created with the help of brightly coloured fishes and a variety of carpet anenome.

IMG_0518 The Living Ocean

IMG_0502Get up-close with some of the oceans’ greatest marine life inside the 90 metre moving walkway underwater tunnel. Find more than 3,000 sea creatures of various shapes and sizes living harmoniously in this simulated natural habitat and a hidden shipwreck colonized by inquisitive reef inhabitants.

Imagine taking a stroll down the 90-metre underwater tunnel and having Sand Tiger Sharks and gigantic Sting Rays swimming along with you. There’s even an-almost authentic looking shipwreck where beautiful fishes seek shelter in.

Gasp in wonderment at the exciting live fish feeding sessions and come face to face with the infamous piranha as they make quick work of their meal. Blink with awe at the ethereal looking tree encased in brilliant blue green waters and surrounded by colourful fishes at the centre of Aquaria KLCC.

Before we went home, we stop by the Atlantis Gift Shop where Daddy had bought us exclusive Aquaria KLCC merchandise such as apparels, toys, accessories and souvenirs.

Yes indeed, we have our experience here encounter many different species of both aquatic and land-bound animals here.

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