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Posted: November 6, 2009 in Thoughts...

I was so tensed these past two weeks. Rushing, rushing and rushing. Rushing for works deadlines as the job sites will be started soon by next week; rushing for fetching babies; rushing for cooking their dinner; rushing for washing dishes; rushing for laundry; rushing for taking own bath; and struggling to strive for private time and some sleep. And, thinking of Prudential biz sometimes had made me feel worse…Thus, I had seeking some advice from Renee.

P1011054November 4 at 6:43am

Hi Renee, every time very excited when seeing you got update in face book, and most of the time is at morning 4am. I just wonder how you can do it? Actually, I have been struggling between working, kids and my private time. Back from working, is very stress already, cooking, household and everything made me feel very restless. Can share with me, how you plan your time balance between the family time, working and kids and your private time? Eager to learn from you…Thank you”

“November 4 at 6:08pm

hahahha…..i wake up as early as 4am to play FB. Mostly I sleep early like 10.30pm or 11pm. No choice. Otherwise I cannot do things l like. House chores share by both of us. I also have weekly maid to do the cleaning. I dun cook during week days. only weekends. sometimes dun have enough sleep…. my kids can play by themselves. so, no need 100% attention.”

I think I have no choice that I have to cook for dinner for everyday, because Brainchild and Fernie’s place do not include dinner for the day care and I have to do it. Probably the things that I can change will be the timing, sleep at 11.00pm and wake up early as 4.00am or 4.30am for my private time. This is the thing that I can do and change. Sleep early rather than late. Wake up early rather than late. Good health and good life. Good habits.

Letter to Yourself

Sometimes when moms and dads get caught up in daily duties like care giving and work they lose sight of the larger picture of their lives. Seeing the larger picture means being able to see the present day as part of whole lifetime. Take a few minutes today and write a letter. The letter will be from your 20 year old child written to you. Start the letter like this:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I learned so many thing from you about life…..

During the hardest parts of my life you…

When I didn’t know what decisions to make…..

Add whatever you want to this letter, date it, and keep it. Shaping and guiding a child is a life’s work that merely starts with how you talk to baby on the changing table. What you do, say, and model to your child creates a life. In other words, what you are doing is important work. Remember that the next time you wake up at 4.00am to feed or soothe your little darling!

~ 66 Writing Exercise, 365 Days of Baby Love

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