Very Upset…

Posted: October 26, 2009 in Thoughts...

I am really upset as today Mummy’s laptop brought back from the computer shop, all the documents in the computer had gone and the technician did not back up it. It is including Mummy Journal, Annabelle Journal and Issac Journal as well. And, a lot of photos that I had taken during they were small, from birth till now.

I am so angry because I had told Daddy that the technician guy have to backup all the documents inside. Other than that, my Prudential SQS software too, that is how I do the quotation or proposals for prospects for my part time biz. Sometimes, I really think that Daddy did not respect Mummy at all. He never take my words seriously.

Mummy got a feeling like my life had been deleted. What a awful feeling…

Daddy was upset too, probably he did not know that Mummy had so many documents in the computer and Mummy mean it when mummy said so. He was angry too and mentioned that he should not brought the laptop go and serviced, and all his faults being so ‘troublesome’ and ‘trying to be helpful’. Hmmm…wordless…

At that particular moment, I felt so glad that I had just started my Blog last 2 months. There are some photos that I had stored in the skydrive because I write blog. Thank God! And, when I think about that, I would not feel so bad.

Your Journal

Writing thoughts and feelings down in a special book that only you read is called journalizing. It is amazing what pearls of insight can be gained by this simple reflection. Buy a blank book today and begin writing. When you look back every few months, growth will be obvious! Write everything you think, fear, dream, or wonder. If you need to make a decision, write about it – your own advice will surprise you.

~ 65 Writing Exercise, 365 Days of Baby Love

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