It’s Teeth Brushing Time…

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Babies

PB191122 Daddy bought Issac a tooth brush which is battery operated. It is an orange coloured Colgate and with the Sponge Bob cartoon on it. Daddy always believed that it is cleaner if using a battery operated tooth brush.

Actually, Brainchild do a great job in introducing the tooth brush and organised a visit from Jabatan Kesihatan came to the school and showed the kids how to brush their teeth. At the same time, organise a small puppet show for add in some fun learning elements in it.  PB191123

Teeth Brushing

When babies are just getting teeth, give them a toothbrush to chew on. As they begin to brush their teeth with your help, here are a few ideas to make them like it more:

  • Talk to their teeth, make up a running story as you brush. Ask them to open their mouth wide so you can see the characters you are talking about.
  • Let baby brush your teeth after you have brushed theirs.
  • Give them a small flashlight and let them look at your teeth. This might generate interest in the subject.

Wit & Wisdom: If you live in a cold place and want to prevent your baby from catching a chill, take a shower yourself first, then bathe the baby when the room is warm from the steam. – Nicole T., Portland,OR

42 ~ Bedtime, 365 Days of Baby Love

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