Babies Fun Eating Time

Posted: October 14, 2009 in Babies

P1011054 Issac loves to eat KFC, his favourite food. Well, Annabelle basically loves whatever that can put inside her mouth. Hahaha… It is true…

Every Sunday and Tuesday night, Mummy will buy some fried chickens and nuggets for both from night market. Fried chicken is Issac favourite, as he loves it a lot. Belle will have her blue colour bowl with 2 little bears as the holders, Issac will having his big melamine bowl with some chilli sauces in it.

Most of the time, both using hands instead of spoons. Finger lick in good!

When Baby Grabs the Spoon

Take baby grabbing the spoon as a sign that he wants to feed himself, or at least try! Here are some ideas to help make this transition successful:

  • Use unbreakable, child-size utensils.
  • Offer finger food: small pieces of soft food that baby can pick up, such as bananas.
  • Small quantities of food are better than overwhelming baby with “family size” servings. Baby can always have more and there won’t be as much mess to clean up.
  • Allow time for play and experimentation, but be aware of your own limits regarding how food is handled.
  • Self feeding is most successful in a relaxed atmosphere. There’s nothing like having your face wiped with a sponge every time cereals drops on your chin to take the fun out of eating.
  • When baby stops eating, end the meal and clear baby’s place – unless you want to see whatever is left smeared over everything within reach!

Wit & Wisdom: When my son Julian was beginning to eat, I would put a standing mirror in front of him so he could see himself. He loved watching himself eat and I think he learned more quickly how to hold the spoon. – Liliana Kochanek, Hendersonville, TN

~ 5 Care Giving, 365 Days of Baby Love

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