Issac’s Play Corner at Brainchild

Posted: October 12, 2009 in Babies

Tadika Brainchild did snap some photos on the children during at the school time. The photos is the earlier of the year when Issac was at school. The play corner is located in front of the school. Every morning, when Mummy sending you to the school, there will be 2 rows of tables and bench, full of toys on the table, waiting for all the children before they have their morning assembly.

All sorts of toys in various of shapes and forms. There are wide and bright arrays of colours and textures: geometric forms, puzzles, maps, beads, rods, blocks, cubes, to amplify exploration. The child learns to solve problems independently, build self-confidence, analytical thinking, and gain satisfaction that comes from accomplishment. Materials are self-correcting. When something is not right, the child easily perceives the error. As exploration continues, materials interrelate and build upon each other, various relationships explored.

It is part of the Montessori education. It is a scientific way of being to support true natural development in children. Allowing them to freely interact with various self-teaching materials, discovered the child’s true nature, having such normal qualities as spntaneious self-discipline, love of order, and perfect harmony with the environment.

All these terms is new for Mummy, but Daddy and Mummy know it is the best for you. You will grow…

Stack Attack

Materials – Wooden blocks (unit blocks, all sizes and shapes)

Begin to collect blocks now because their value is immeasurable and they will be used for years to come. They are fun to hold, carry, drop, stack, knock over, pull, push, and sort. With experience, baby will construct rows, simple bridges, enclosures, and patterns. Eventually blocks are transformed into food, animals, vehicles, boats, trains, planes, walls, roads, rivers, train tracks, buildings, furniture, tools, and mountains in baby’s imagination. Store blocks in a basket or plastic container where baby is able to reach them. Low, sturdy shelves are ideal for holding blocks and other favourite toys. As you explore blocks together, observe baby’s choices. Use descriptive words, such as smooth, hard, curved, pointed, and straight. Blocks never lose their value, and never go out of style.

~ 122 Floor Times, 365 Days of Baby Love

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