Tadika Brainchild Parents Teachers Meeting 29 May 2009

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Babies

Mummy still can remember this – the first ever Parents Teachers Meeting in my life. Our appointment with Teacher Joyce is at 9:15am. Every each of the parents were given 15 minutes for the short discussion. During Daddy and Mummy time, you were sitting beside us together with Teacher Joyce.

Mummy were so worried, as Mummy knew that you are not as a ‘good boy’ that every teacher or parent think of and talk about, because Mummy knew you, you are a very hyperactive boy. Probably not so quite in the class, a bit naughty. But, it do really came to surprise to us that Teacher Joyce told us that you are a good boy if somebody told you to.

IMG_2110Teacher did bring out matters like, mainly it is due to the childcare centre there, not really put enough attention to you, that made you up to this kind of character, crying loudly after doing wrong; like to disturb your friends in the class; draw all over your exercise book, and colour everywhere (This is the thing that Mummy does not know how to advise you not to do so too), etc.

Teacher Joyce did suggest that, if both Daddy and Mummy can consider to change the day care to Brainchild because the school do have a proper schedule and guidance on the children daily activities programme, in such a way to train them from the young age. She did mention that, Derrick and Amelia have the same problem like Issac too, as three of you are also from the same day care centre.

Daddy was the one, who had made a right decision to swift the day care to Brainchild. Ever since that you have spend one week at school, you love the school. We can really feel and see that you are evolving…Really feel glad…Then we knew, we made a right move, for good and betterment…

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