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Posted: October 9, 2009 in Babies

P1010966 Our favourite park and playgrounds will always be the Fantasy Planet, as till to-date yet to find a playground bigger than that. Hahaha…

Anticipate Problems

Curiosity and determination can land baby in situations that are more challenging than baby is physically ready for. Always be alert and anticipate situations where baby may need your help or words of warning. Areas to watch closely are:P1010936

  • Swings: they don’t have brakes and children using them are not always watching for curious babies.
  • Don’t assume older children at the park will be careful around baby. Many don’t even notice and are simply not aware.
  • If the park is busy, remove baby from the bottom of the slide so the next child’s feet don’t end up in baby’s back.
  • Babies love merry-go-rounds, both to ride and to watch. They will not wait for it to stop before trying to hitch a ride, so you must be close enough to hold baby back. Be sure to warn them of the danger.

Accidents do happen, but fewer happen when baby is carefully supervised.

~ 216 Parks and Recreation, 365 Days of Baby Love

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