Tadika Brainchild High 5 Bread Town Trip 10 April 2009

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Babies


Brainchild had organised an outing to the High 5 Bread Town Trip . Parents have options to go together or not going. Daddy was so worried because this was your first outing trip without Daddy and Mummy going with you, so Daddy decided to follow and accompanied you. As early as 8:30am, Issac was sitting in the school bus. Daddy said you were so excited because this was the first time experience sitting in the school bus. There were two buses all together.

High 5 Bread Town is the architectural masterpiece showcase of the RM100 mil state-of-the-art plant of Silver Bird Group factory located on 6.07ha plant in Shah Alam. High 5 Bread Town was certified in the Malaysia Book of Records as the “First Bread Museum” in Malaysia.

DSC04915The Legacy of Bread

The history of bread that spans more than 5,000 years is told in colourful murals and interactive displays to give you a lively, hands-on experience. The delicious aroma of oven-fresh bread adds an authentic touch that makes your visit to High 5 Bread Town an unforgettable experience.

Bread-making In Yesteryear

Watch how bread making evolved through history. From the ancient Egypt through to the Iron Age, the Roman and Viking periods, right through the Industrial Revolution to the present day. Every era offers its own improvements i terms of grain quality, the milling and baking process, and the shape and texture of bread.

DSC04906Meet The Earl of Sandwich

A prominent member of Georgian society, he was THE MAN credited with introducing the sandwich as we know it today! All because he never had time to sit down to a proper meal!

Leisurely Elevated 880 Feet Skywalk Factory Tour

High 5 Bread Town visit also includes a fascinating factory tour. Enjoy an expansive overview of the largest stand-alone bakery plant in Southeast Asia in the present day. Stroll leisurely on an elevated walkway measuring 880 feet while shown the finer points of bread-making using state-of-the-art technology.

IMG_1913Olden Day Bread Shop

Browse around an olden day bread shop and take note of the different types of bread from around the world.

Larger-Than-Life Bread Making Equipment

Mesmerised by larger-than-life bread making equipments like mixer and oven, among others. Imagine how much bread was made and consumes in history!

Thrilling Time Tunnel

An exhilarating and electrifying experience that transport to modern times in what seems like an instant.

DSC04894 Bread-Making Antiques

A rare opportunity to see valuable antique bread-making equipment that have never been exhibited before. The first of these is the Founder Machine, designed by the Silver Bird Group company’s founder, the late Mr. Tan Chin Suan in the 60’s.

After the long walks through the factory, all the parents, teachers and children were stop at the High 5 Bread Town Cafe, relax over with some beverages, hot snacks and delicious food. Besides, High 5 Bread Town Retail outlet serves with freshly baked bread and other famous Silver Bird delicious, scrumptious and tantalizing mouth watering cake products. A snapshot outside of the Bread Town ended the trip.

Source from www.high5breadtown.com

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