Mid Autumn Festival Dinner

Posted: October 3, 2009 in Babies

P1011006Sometimes it does not works as you planned…

Today is the mid autumn festival or moon cake festival. Brother Andrew’s family and us were having dinner together after Ying Ying tuition class. We had it at Jinjang. It is a street that full of seafood restaurant. Belle is wearing the new dress which daddy bought her. She looks older wearing her new dress.

The dinner is at 8:30 pm. We left our house earlier, about 6:00 pm because both children knew that we are going out. We arrived around 7:00 pm and have our tea at Mamak stall. We had waited in the car almost a hour. Issac was so tired and fall asleep in the car. Belle just climbed up and down at the car seats, as she had enough afternoon nap during Issac was practise at Chee Wen Primary School.

P1011004 This afternoon Mummy had sent him to Chee Wen Primary School for his concert rehearsal from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. And, parents do not allow to stay back to watch the rehearsal as that will affect the children psychologically. Mummy just dropped Issac at the appointed side stage room for teachers to bring them in for pratice. Mummy and Daddy were to wait at the front assembly hall at the main entrance to pick him back. We couldn’t stand but just sneaked in the hall and look for him. The hall is equipped with air-conditioners. Much more better than Mummy thought.

Both were happy seeing and eating their dinner, but not for long, then both started to play with the ice cubes, plates, rice, almost anything just for fun! Anyway, dinner ended around 10:30 pm and we reached home after settled everything is around 12:00 midnight already. What a exhausted night…

Restaurant Tips

If you’re going to a restaurant with baby, remember:

  • Go when the restaurant is not busy.
  • Make sure that baby is hungry.
  • If food is taking too long, tell your server you will b3 outside playing with your child, and ask if they could call you when the food arrives.
  • Get crackers or bread and ask if they have crayons and paper.
  • Pick restaurants that are set up for children with kid’s menus, high chairs, etc.
  • As soon as the child gets restless, order dessert or ice cream.
  • You will probably not get dessert or coffee yourself, so save that for a time you’re out without baby.

Don’t forget to praise baby for all good behaviour!

~ 310 On The Go, 365 Days of Baby Love

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