Playground Day…USJ1

Posted: September 26, 2009 in Babies

Daddy always like to bring Issac and Annabelle go to the nearest playground. There are a few, such as playground near our house. It is a new playground and not much people or kids go, so can say it is quite clean.

One of the morning I still remember that, we purposely went to the nearest kopitiam bought toasted bread, coffee and fried kway teow took to the playground and as our breakfast.

They loves to play the swings, slide, see-saw and climbing up and down, laugh all the ways. Mummy have not turn to this page when both Daddy and Mummy brings you all to the playground every weekends. What a co-incidents! That is why mummy feels every single page of the book really pearls of the sea, shinning…Really help me a lot all about the parenting.

Swing Rhythm

Some babies could swing the whole day through. Until baby is able to hold up his head, swing together gently on the big swings. When baby’s neck and head are strong enough, introduce the baby swing. A rolled up baby and fills in some of the extra space inside the baby swing, Push baby gently from the front so you can look at each other – you’ll know when baby has had enough. Gently squeeze baby’s feet when the swing comes towards you. Hide your face with your hands and say “boo” as you lean in to push. Simply sitting in the swing and kicking his legs is great fun for baby. As baby grows and becomes an accomplished baby swinger, you may hear the words, “high, high, high.” That means keep on pushing!

~ 213 Parks and Recreation, 365 Days of Baby Love

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