Baby-Sitting Day…

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Thoughts...

P1010002Today Tadika Brainchild not open, that is why is a baby-sitting day for me. Take care these two kids, sometimes very tiring. Have to take a day off even though start work already, no choice…

Cooked some porridge. Both baby still had a bit of diarrheal. Alvin too, but he is still working. He bought them toys again. Transformers. Megatron for Issac and Leo Prime Beast for Belle. I keep on mumbling: why bought a transformer for Belle? Should buy a dolly or at least soft toys or something else, which what a girl should play with. He just keep on smiling and said:” You talk like you never know your own girl.”

At the same time, I am writing blog too. Feels sad sometimes when thinking of my Prudential Biz that I had left out for a while. Very confusing, thinking of want to quit the current job and start my own biz…not figure out yet… Sooner or later I have to make a decision…

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