Babies and the Animals

Posted: September 22, 2009 in Babies

P1010830 I think it must be in theirs or ours nature that, we will get attract to the animals. Before that, mummy have been thinking of interesting places, getting information from the internet and local tourism board to plan the suitable trips for the young babies. Aunt Jasmine did tell mummy, at their young age,  going to shopping malls or historical places would not make them feel more fun or excited, because in their mind will be the whole day keep on walking and they do not know what are they seeing all day. Actual fact, is very tiring for them, and in the end of the day, they will getting tired and fall asleep earlier. She would suggest that to the zoo or farm or places that can see animals.

This tips is very useful. That is the reason why mummy keep on searching where else can we go…This year itself…we had visited Zoo Negara, Jong’s Crocodile Farm and Taiping Zoo. Issac and Annabelle get to know more about the animals. Now, they knew more about the animals.The most happiest thing is to see their smiling faces at that particular moments – they really enjoyed every trips. Another thing is, they like to watch the Animals Planet Channel at Astro. Especially snakes, crocodiles, giraffe, zebra, tiger, lion, elephant, leopard, and many more. They would love the fish too.

The next trip, mummy planning for the KL Bird Park or the KLCC Aquaria. Hmmm… both the entrance fees is quite expensive as exceeded RM10.00. Bird Park is RM15.00 and Aquaria is RM28.00. Other than that, probably the next destination will be Malacca. Malacca have a lot of interesting places to visit besides the historical sites, such as the Zoo, Crocodile Farm, Butterfly Park and others.

Meet the Animals

Even young babies are enchanted when in the presence of animals. Something about the colour, sound, and movement puts them into a trance. If you don’t have any animals of your own, consider a zoo or farm trip. Most zoo have a petting area where baby can feed goats, lambs, horses, and sometimes a pig or two. Before you go to visit animals, look at picture books or watch a video tape about them. While at the zoo or farm, don’t just stroll past, instead, sit and watch your favourite animals for a little while, as it’s the only way to get to know a particular animal’s behaviour.

~ 146 Nature, 365 Days of Baby Love

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