Taiping Trip Day 1 – Jammed & Rainy Day 19 Sep 2009

Posted: September 19, 2009 in Travel

P1010891It was really a long journey. We started at 7:00 am going Taiping using highway. It seems like all our Muslim friends too, doing the same, trying to reach home before their Raya Pertama that is on the 20 Sep 2009. Reason being i said that is because, we jammed all the way up to Taiping, especially after Ipoh Toll, heading towards Penang we would come across a tunnel and it is a going up hill road.

Issac was not get used to the long journey, he vomited in the car. We were driving Alvin’s Satria go because his car just serviced and good in conditions. Issac was sitting at the back. Probably the bumpy road made Issac not feeling well and long hours. It was during when we were using the old route nearly reached Kampar. We pulled aside and cleaned up the car seats. Alvin was so angry and throwing out his tempers. But, just for a while only due to the heavy jams.

We passed through the Kampar town. it reminds me of Segamat. We stopped and had our lunch at KFC. Then, we continued our journey.

P1010881 It was nearly 2:00 pm when we reached Taiping Hotel Fuliyean. Just in time to check in. It was Room 201 and it is at 2nd floor end of the corridor. It comes to my surprise that although the hotel looks old but the room really clean. And, too bad for us is that it started to rain for the rest of the day. I looked out the window from our unit, the town itself so serene, and most of the shops are colonial buildings; some of it had been renovated to the modern design of exterior. I can noticed that the old road signage were all nailed onto the side of the buildings and it were white wording in black background, and in two languages: English and Bahasa Jawi.

There are a lot of sparrow also flying around the town, we are suspecting that some of the old shop lots using for breeding the sparrow for the bird nest as well. Hmmm… sometimes when I think of that, glad to see some of the buildings had been restored and preserved in good conditions; but sometimes sad to see the conditions like it happened.

We had our dinner at Taiping Sentral, near Tesco. Probably it is because Raya Eve, so all the cars jammed into the car parks to do their last minutes shopping. Adding on, it is a rainy day, all the cars were driving slowly. There was a bit flooding at the road due to the new Police Station and Quarters is under constructions. We slept early, just because of seven hours ride and get prepare for the next day Taiping Zoo event.

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