Issac & Annabelle’s Names

Posted: September 18, 2009 in Babies

clip_image001[7]Issac means He will laugh; clip_image001[3]Ivan means God is Gracious; clip_image001[5]Annabelle means Easy to Love; clip_image001[1]Irene means Peaceful. Daddy gives you all these names is because he wants you all to be happy, loving, caring all the times…

What’s in a Name

When your baby grows up to be five or six years old, they will definitely want to know why you choose the name you did for them, what other names you thought off, and why you didn’t choose one of those names. So keep one step ahead of them and write it down! Write the list of the names and your thoughts on each one. Most importantly, write your baby’s chosen name with as much information as you can find: what the name means, country of origin, etc. If baby is named after  someone, include personal information on that person.

~ 63 Writing Exercise, 365 Days of Baby Love



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