Issac & Annabelle Blog

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Babies

P1010753Here we are…This blog will be baby Issac and baby Annabelle and Mummy’s . Mummy is going to write down every single thing that we had been through together, with some little helps of colour photos of you both through your and our everyday life…

Both of you really likes camera and like to pose in front whenever Mummy or Daddy takes the camera. Really, time flies… Both now is 2 and 4 years old. Mummy will record down every each of your life in this blog, as long as Mummy can write…

Your Child’s Journal

Buy a blank book and start writing to your child today. Your child may not be born or your child may be three years old; whatever the age, it is never too late to begin recording your thoughts, feelings, observations, and descriptions of your child’s life and personality. Write as often as you can and include your feelings about the child, how they contribute to the beauty of your life, and most of all your feelings of love. Write letters to them to record things you want them to know when they are adults that you might forget over time. As your child grows and changes, read them some of your words when they are going through hard times, or when they think you hate them because you need to correct their behaviour. It will remind them that you have been loving them a long time, you have been there with them, and will continue to love them no matter what. When your child leaves home, give them the journal. This might be the gift your child will cherish most from you.

~ 58 Writing Exercises, 365 Days of Baby Love

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