Annabelle turn…Fall Sick

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Babies

14th September 2009     Monday

P1010386 I should listen and take Dr Liew’s advice last Friday…Sigh…

Today Belle turn, fall sick…

Today around 3:27 pm, Fernie called. When I saw her numbers appeared on the hand phone screen, my heart suddenly half-colder and what was in my mind was: please do not tell me this is happening, Belle vomited. And, so true it happened. I quickly rushed home to fetch her. But, in my mind I knew that I am unable to reach Dr Liew’s clinic this time because when I reached Taska Kiddie’s World would be around 4:25 pm. The clinic  should closed then by that time. Thus, I called Bebe because I knew around this time, he should be back from site and getting his car at the workshop near our house. Thanks god, he is there.

Once I reached the taska, she had been vomiting about three times already. She looked so tired and weak. I quickly took her to the Dr Krishnan’s clinic near USJ8, and we will meet Daddy and Issac there. Dr Krishnan said it would probably caused by contaminated of drinking water, food or their milk bottles which is not clean properly. Then, Bebe told me after we came out from the clinic: this two weeks actually he did not boil their milk bottles after washing, the big possibility is this, and the milk bottles are the two common same things they used or shared besides foods that we usually bought for dinner at the Bazaar Buka Puasa just across the street over. Belle had been given the medicines, drink the oral rehydration salts due to vomiting. Issac had been given flu medicines too, he got a bit of running nose and block nose.

The first thing I did after came back is to boiled their milk bottle with hot water. Belle vomit again after had her milk. Then, I washed her and let her rest on the floor. Bebe helping mopped the floor. She is too tired and fall asleep, I had not even manage to give Belle medicines. Issac too sleeping already now after he had his bottle of milk. I feel regret, how stupid am I to let this thing happened twice? Hope both will get well soon.

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