Issac Fall Sick…

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Babies

11th September 2009     Friday

P1010385 Today around 3:00 pm, the kindergarten teacher Sally called me and told me that Issac had been vomiting twice already since 2:00 pm. I quickly left whatever i worked on and left the office to fetch him, rushing to Dr Liew’s clinic. Dr Liew’s clinic closed at 4:00 pm.

Once I reached the kindergarten, he had been vomiting about three times already. He looked so tired and weak. I quickly took him to Dr Liew, fortunately we made it in time. Yesterday night, Issac just had some Nasi Kerabu and the mango tango moon cake which brought by Ika and Esiang. Dr Liew checked and mentioned that Issac had the virus infection, the virus gets into his stomach through direct contacts like hand, eating, drinking, etc… and he advise to take care of their hygienic as well, and if can separate Annabelle from Issac too because this virus can spread around.And, it spreads fast, Dr Liew told that only today had over 20 children came to his clinic with the same symptoms like vomiting, etc…Thus, have to take extra cares as now is the season.

Both Issac and I left the clinic with his medicines. In the car, he vomit again, on the car matt. i quickly drove back to home, cleaned up his face, legs and shirts. Given the medicines, drink the oral rehydration salts due to vomiting. He vomit again after had his milk. Then, I let him rest on the sofa. After I sent the car to wash, I came back and cook some chicken porridge for the children, mop the whole floor with Dettol. He is too tired and fall asleep. I fetched Belle after I got the car from the car wash shop. Now, it is almost 8 hours that Issac stopped vomiting, both babies are sleeping now. I do not know, I just feel very worried and guilty of not taking care them well. That is why Issac have the virus infections today. Hope he is getting well soon tomorrow.

The thoughts  reminds me that it has been long time since i read the book, one of my favourites 365 Days of Baby Love…

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