Jong’s Crocodile Farm 9 Jun 2009

Posted: September 7, 2009 in Travel

"Jong’s Crocodile Farm, located 30 km from Kuching on the Kuching-Serian road has more than 1000 crocodiles bred in captivity."

IMG_1884 “If you want to know more about the notorious Sarawak’s Bujang Senang, the visit to Jong’s Crocodile Farm sure will pump up your adrenaline level. The notoriety of the man-eating crocodile called Bujang Senang dated back to 1993, when it went on its killing rampage around the Sri Aman area. The farm is the resting-place for the infamous crocodile.”

The crocodile is so legendary that the memory was seized in a form of a huge replica at the entrance – even the state soccer team was nicknamed Bujang Senang! We had taken group photo at the replica crocodile, together with Geraldine and Bernadine.

At the ticket counter, there is a big Arowana Aquarium. Issac sitting on top on the counter to snap picture. Even though from the photo, he looked so excited and smiling face, actually he is quite scared as he felt that the big Arowana fish is behind him.

P1010427 Then, we came to a small information hall where displays all the information about crocodiles, fresh water and salt water types, the breeding process of how crocodile hatch from egg to an adult. The legendary Bujang Senang scull is displayed here as well. Daddy Alvin took picture of Issac with the Legend. The availability of static and pictures on the life cycle of this last member of the dinosaur family provide visitors to the farm a rather comprehensive insight into the chilling crocodile kingdom.

Further that, is the small crocs area, and some ‘weird crocs’ such as no tails crocs, no eyes crocs, etc. Located 30 kilometre from Kuching on the Kuching-Serian road, the farm has more than 1000 crocodiles bred in captivity. All these reptiles are housed in concrete enclosure according to their ages. You can imagine what the crocodiles in the last cage would look like!

Jong’s Crocodile Farm also keeps a fine collection of other animals including pheasants, hornbills, monkeys, pythons, deer, wild boars, civet, peacocks, sun bears, tortoise and monitor lizards. Besides, there is a Arapaimagigas fish pond in the farm, with sleeping lotus and a floating gazebo or bandstands in the middle. We can see the Arapaimagigas fish during the feeding time.

Actually, this is a whole new and fresh experience for all of us as during the walk-thru, it really amazed me as we all really on the bridge above the crocs living area, and really get close to the reptiles and can snap them so close! We were so excited during the feeding show, as there are a lot of crocs in the pond! Seeing the crocs jumping up for the chicken as their lunch, made the crowds so excited!

The kids were exhausted when it came to end of our trip, but were so happy. We had our cold ice cream before we left the place…

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