Shang Ti Temple 8 Jun 2009

Posted: September 6, 2009 in Travel

P1010407 Extracts from Commemorative Plaque of Shang Ti Temple (The Hiang Thian Siang Ti Temple), Carpenter Street, Kuching…
" The Hiang Thian Siang Ti (Deity of the North) Temple was a very simple building when it was first built more than one and a half centuries ago by the Teochew immigrants from China.

The Temple was originally located at the previous Soon Hoon Street (now known as the Main Bazaar). It was re-built at the present location in 1863. It was razed by fire in 1884 and again re-built in 1889. In 1968 a major renovation of the temple was carried out and the statues of the Deities were completely re-furnished with gold foils.

A pompous celebration took place on the 4th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar to commemorate this occasion. There were merry-making and a grand procession was held to add to the festivities.

P1010411 This celebration has become an annual event attracting devotees from far and near to congregate at the Temple. The yearly celebration will see Kuching city becoming alive with a burst of activities which include stage shows and a colourful procession as the highlight. Thousands of people line the streets to witness this celebration which will last till late in the night. The crowds will be rewarded with a skilful display of talents by the lion and dragon dance troupes amidst the thunderous beatings of the gongs and drums while pretty maidens, singers and dancers in colourful costumes performing on beautifully decorated floats.

Well known as a sacred place of worship for devotees and a historical monument, the majestic temple is a popular tourist attraction for both local and foreign visitors.

Shang Ti Temple is the first place we went during our visit to Main Bazaars at Waterfront. There is really a kuching which we saw once we came to the town area. Actually the temple is under refurbishment and restoration works when we were there. The 2 main dragons pillars at the entrance were protected by a clear glass frame in stainless steel finish. Inside the temple, there are a main chamber which the Shian Thian Shang Ti God is, and some others heavenly deities too.

Children and me take a few photos in the temple only. I quite regret that did not take more of the photos, as this temple aged more than 100 years old? Will be back when visiting Kuching next time…

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